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NY and the Hudson River


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9 or 9W???

I will be riding from Lorton Va (the Autotrain) to Hancock, MA, and intend to ride along the Hudson. So the question is: should I ride the East side or the West side - 9 or 9W? It may be a moot point since I may be able to do both, since I will be in Hancock for almost a week.

I still haven't figured out what route to take thru PA in order to get to the Hudson (around Newburgh, maybe), so any suggestions there would also be appreciated.

No interstates will be harmed during this vacation except the bypass around DC. I arrive in Lorton at 0900 on Friday Oct 2, and have to be in Hancock around 1600-1700 on Saturday, Oct 3 so I have plenty of time to get thru PA and NY.

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If you are starting from Newburgh, I would take 9W to the Mid Hudson bridge ( Poughkeepsie) , and then cross over to 9.


9 just plain sucks from 84 to Poughkeepsie. Traffic lights, malls, and traffic.


Now if you want nice riding, I'd skip both of them, and contact a local (me) and I'll point you to the good stuff.

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I like riding 9D and the Bear Mountain Bridge Road.


Art, I'd like to find some better routes as well!




Both are south of Newburgh. He asked for north of Newburgh. :/




Have you ever ridden the Amenia / Pine Plains Road?

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Route 9 is a horror show until you get past Poughkeepsie. From there it's okay and even has some nice little towns to meander through. But the west side of the Hudson is where the hills and twisties flourish! Go west, young man!

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I can suggest a couple of good routes through eastern PA I just don't know of a good way to get from Lorton to PA. Let me know where you are coming into PA and I can help you out.

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"where you are coming into PA"

Ah ha! That's the beauty of it. Last year I went up 15 then West on 6 to Wellsboro since I was going over to Niagara Falls. This year, since I will be going to the other side of NY, I will be staying farther east - probably I will be entering PA somewhere between I83 and US1.

I just know that I have to be up in Hancock, therefore around Albany, Saturday afternoon. Ergo, I have about 14 hours of riding time to get from Lorton to Hancock, which is probably around 450 miles via interstate, but about 600 miles non-interstate.

From the map, it looks like 209 starting in East Stroudsburg along the Delaware river looks like a good route into NY, but that still leaves the lower part of the PA route open.

If someone can give me a decent route on the east side of PA

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I only have a couple of data points from my ride to the Un:


- it takes you the wrong way, but 97 north of Port Jervis along the Delaware is outstanding


- +1 on the Bear Mt. Bridge


- if you want history and/or National Park stamps, north of Poughkeepsie on 9 you have the FDR site, the Eleanor Roosevelt site, and the Vanderbilt mansion in a cluster at Hyde Park, and there's the Martin Van Buren site north at Kinderhook


On edit: found this picture of 97. Search for "port jervis hawks nest".



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