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Atlanta Area Tech Daze - Oct. 31

Chris K

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Randy and I will be hosting our 7th Annual Tach Daze on Saturday Oct. 31 in Oxford, GA.


Where: 83 Oxford West Drive

Oxford, GA 30054.

GPS coordinates are: N 33 37.239 W 83 52.973.


Doors open at 7:45, with breakfast from 8-9AM. Lunch will also be served.


We will have a NoMar tire changer available for tire changes. We have a maometer and a Twin Max for tuneups and also the Ministan and tools for servo brake fluid changes.


The Tech Daze is rain or shine as I have indoor room for around 20 bikes here.


RSVP by posting here or sending me a PM.

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for anyone interested I will demo a R1100RT starter cleaning process. On occassions a starter can get dirty and a squeling sound emits from the starter. I will have a starter already removed from a bike, and will do the basic cleaning and a small rebuild. As always Chris K puts on a great tech day, and there is usually enough knowledge base there to rebuild a bike. So come on by, learn and make some new friends.

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I'll be sure to bring my own axe this time. :grin:


Don't forget the 8 mm time certs. :)


I'm booking this trip at the "probably inn". I will need a 12K service on the R12RT by then. Sounds like a great excuse to head to the ATL. :)



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Will see if I can remember to keep track of that day...


would be interested in seeing other's impression of how my bike rides... to me it is great once it warms up... )))


Regards -


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I have a recently met new rider in the atlanta area. Dexter is his name and he will be joining us for the morning shift. He has two young kids, so afternoon is dedicated to getting ready for halloween.

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I've been watching for this all year, Count me in! I missed last years and heard alot about it at the spring BBR. I have had a little brake bleeding issue, also need valve adjusted and carb's. Basically an overall tune-up. I'm glad you guys are there for us. What do you guys need for the food and will the house be available to crash friday night? I mean sleep, I hate the "C" word.

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Chris, I'll be there . . . Lord willin' and the creek don't rise . . . wait, Oxford is just outside Atlanta?!?


Jim Weaver


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I'm at the Probably Inn for this one. I really want to bleed my GS brakes and clutch..., but don't know if I can make the time for the trip w/Halloween and the kids, etc.

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Has an official list been made up yet as to how many are going to be there? I think last year everybody pitch in $10.00 bucks for the food is that still the case? Looking forward to it.

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Has an official list been made up yet as to how many are going to be there? I think last year everybody pitch in $10.00 bucks for the food is that still the case? Looking forward to it.

And well worth it, too! :lurk:

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Thanks Chris - missed last year and really looking forward to it. My RT can serve as the poster child for the whining starter demo.


Count me most definately IN!

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OK, I am finally back in the US and pretty much over the jet lag! It looks like we have 19 confirmed and a few maybees. If your name is not on the list but you want to come let me know soon so I can make sure there is enough food for all.

This is who I have so far:

Chris K



Marty Hill














Jim Weaver




Maybe Inn:


Lone RT Rider





You are welcome to have tires, parts, etc. shipped here in advance of the tech day. Send me a PM and I will give you the shipping address.


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I am a newbie to BMW's and Dave Hunt just invited me to RSVP. I just purchased a 2004 RT and would love to learn how to work on it and meet other BMW owners at the same time.

I will coordinate with Dave, but plan on attending.

What tools, etc should I bring? I would like to look at oil and fluids, any recommendations?



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Hi Chris,


Fisherman (Gil) may come to, but we will most likely show up early and leave within an hour or so if we can work out a trip to the coast for the weekend that we're currently working on.

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That's enough time for fluids and shoes.


Wish I could be there, even for an hour.



I'm just going to see what Marty's costume looks like :rofl:

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Welcome Matt! We will have most of the specialty tools available here to use (Twin Max, Brake tools, Etc.) You will need to bring whatever consumables (oil, etc) and parts you need to service your bike that day.

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What is the replacement plug for the RT?


From the Oilhead Maint. Thread:


Spark plugs





YR6LDE (snd of twin spark models)


FR6DS (silver)







BCR6EIX-11 (iridium)

IZFR6 B (iridium use at your own risk, very long protrusion, does NOT touch piston, sleep well)







RC9YC (-4)


Denso iridium

IQ20 hot

IQ22 cold

IK20 hot

IK22 cold

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I will be there early. I will be there for tune up, Belt change, Throttle balance and the fellowship. Can't wait to see you guys again!

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