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Shock Calibration


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Is there anything to this Shock Calibration; or, is is something like "snipe" hunting? :grin:


I replaced my shocks with Works ESA and was just wondering if a calibration would make a difference in the balance.

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Yes, do you mean standard shock setup (preload/damping) as Don is referring to or the ESA calibration routine done by the dealer's GT1 diagnostic box? If the former then yes, proper setup is critical to good performance but I'm guessing you mean the latter..? (since you can't make any preload/damping adjustments to an ESA shock beyond the pre-programmed settings.)


With respect to the computer calibration routine, my understanding is that this is only required (when replacing ESA shocks) for later-model units (not sure of the cut-off) so the year of your bike might matter. I've also read that Works says that the procedure is unnecessary in any event. I'd also be interested in hearing if anyone has any technical details to share regarding this topic.

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Yes Smiller, I'm talking about the computer calibration. I spent quite some time setting the sag and preload. The ESA Works Shocks do allow you to set the preload. The dampening, however, is set to whatever you specify when you have the shocks built. Had to send mine back a second time to get the spring and dampening set correctly.


So, would it make a difference to the suspension if I took the bike to BMW and had them put it on the computer? Exactly what does the computer program the shocks to do? The ESA adjustment portion appears to be working corectly.

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