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California motorcycle sticker question??


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Can someone from California help this guy out?? He has a stick on a old kz1000 and wants to know what department (police) it came from. Is that possible??


I have separate frame on my motorcycles no frame number only a blue/silver sticker of the State of California department of motor Vehicles. Assigned Identification Number: CA 746,345, Control No.:225 345 you can say what should that is to me. Wanted to know it in that which policy department stations was.

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John, that blue sticker is issued by the DMV to a vehicle that has a missing VIN. Reasons for missing VIN usually means the vehicle was stolen and then recovered without a VIN.

DMV assigns a new identification number to the vehicle so it can be registered and legally owned by someone.

I'll see if I can find a link to the blue tag.

Can you take a photo of the sticker on that KZ1000P?


Section 4166 CVC explains the law.



Here is a photo of what it looks like. This sticker was on the door jamb of a late 80's Ford Mustang that was stolen and then recovered without a VIN on the left side of the dash.

The numbers can be checked through any LEO data base for ownership information.



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Colud also be that the bike had frame damage and frame was replaced at some point.



Good point, possible I guess. For example, aftermarket frames are available to clone a Harley Davidson. These frames come with their own VIN and Certificate or Origin. These cloned motorcycles are then known as a "special construction" when they are registered at Calif DMV.

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Remember past post somewhere about a factory replacement BMW frame,did not come with a SN from the factory.In CA this would likely have to be registered as an assembled MC unless you brought in the old damaged frame as proof of change,even then it would probably get a blue tag.


On an old KZ1000 that was probably thrashed early and often,all bets are off!



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