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So here is the nooB question. I have the JBV video and am looking at doing a, first time for me, valve adjustment. The video shows removing the sparkplug but it is not clear to me do you remove both the primary and secondary plugs or just the primary for the valve adjustment? Tried a search but not clear.

Thanks for input.

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you only need to remove the primary plug to do a valve adjustment.


if you're replacing the plugs, remember to do all 4.


If you wouldn't mind, please add at least a location to your profile. One of us could be just down the street and able to help if needed!



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If the bike has not had a service in a while pull all of the plugs and inspect. The secondary plugs are the same as the primary ones so it is ok to mix and match.


If you know the services are on schedule and it starts and runs good then you can just pull the main plugs and be done with it.


OBTW after a valve adjustment you will want to do a TBS... Now that will be something that yields a good feeling to your ride.

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Thanks Danny, I was wondering about a nearby tech day. Looks like that one fits the billet. I shall put it on the schedule and look forward to attending.


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