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BMWST. coin


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I just ordered and recieved some for the motor unit. These coins are very popular with the military and picking up speed with police departments. People collect them and the myth behind the coin is if you are in a place and your buddy does not have thiers, they owe a round of drinks. Drinks of course, your choice. They are times called challenge coins.


Be great to have when going to unrallies, or RTEs to challenge your BMWST.com friend. The board can sell them to make some $$$ for the web site.


I have a contact person if needed or if someone is interested. Also can send a picture of the motor unit coin that I have. It is very nice.




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Yep, and there's a pecking order to the coins as well but I forget how they judge seniority of them.


I've carried one a friend gave me for about 3 years I guess. It's almost a talisman at this point till he gets back from duty overseas

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I like it. Nearly every USAF unit has one. Great for comaraderie. Lots of sources and you could design your own. Good fundraiser like motorman said.


Challenge works like this:


Challenger slaps his coin on the bar.

Everyone else in the group must do the same.

Anyone who can't answer the challenge must buy.

If everyone answers the challenge, the challenger must buy.


I'm assuming motorman587 will take #1. I'll take the highest number he does not take, plus #63, and #901 (AMA MX #) if we ever get that high.


Of course we could just play "DEADBUG" instead....

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We do this with a/errr.. set of playing cards a group of buddies used many years ago while playing poker on our camping trips. You must have your card to buy into the first hour of the game and you also are the drink waitress for the group for the rest of the night..If all buy in cards are present drinking and card playing remains "normal". My card has been in one of my trucks for over 25 years...."Buffy" won me a pot of over $300.00 one night playing 2 card guts and she's been with me for every card game from that time on.

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We just go to Torrey and wait until AzAl shows up. He always has beer.


And he's so busy looking in people's ears that he won't notice if you take some. Even if he does notice, he doesn't care.


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We just go to Torrey and wait until AzAl shows up. He always has beer Coors Light.


Fixed it for you. :grin:


If you are implying Coors Light isn't beer...


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