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my home made Manometer on you tube


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This is the first vid of 2. Thought I would demonstrate how easy they are to make for anyone, regardless of what they ride first and will show the actual process on the BMW later today with a second video


Took 20 mins and cost 5GBP approx 8USD





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Very much like the one i made except i used 3mm internal dia tube.


You mentioned 6mm tube. Is that internal dia or external dia.


Looking forward to the next vid.





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Here it is folks, part 2, in use on an R1100


Total time including the tupperware removal and refit was about 1 hour.


Notice the surface corrosion on the Aluminium of the gearbox? we have salt on our roads here in England during the winter. I don't ride in the winter but the previous owner clearly did!








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Great vid


Kudos to you for doing this for those that need it.


Basically the same as what i did except i used sligthly smaller tubing and ATF - depends what you can get at the time i suppose.


Thanks heaps from all.


Steve :thumbsup:

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The idle screws on my 1100 appear to be wholly un-brasslike! they do have an AV "O" ring which I checked on either side for condition. They were fine and so I returned them to service.






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Thank you my friend, well spotted. I am secretary of the DMFC, the finest Aero club in England and a display pilot licence holder. There is no escaping aeroplanes at my house! (cue wife with wood-cutting axe wishing to destroy such items)





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