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It just stoped running


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Here is the long story short 02R1150RT I ran the battery down charged it back up took it for a ride in 3rd gear the bike just dies!!! So I try to restart it works and I get home. If this had only done this 1 time I would not be concerned about it but this is the second time this has happened. I have 2 trips coming up and would like to figure this out. Any suggestions?

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I may be wrong on this, but you may need to reset your throttle position sensor. Turn the key on, but do not start the bike. Slowly turn the throttle all the way open and then all the way closed in a smooth motion. Do this twice and then turn off the key. Then start normally and try it.

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TDY, then start with the TPS reset that Glen talked about.. They will learn as they go but not unless you use the entire throttle opening/closing range a few times..


Glen forgot a step in the re-set procedure.. You need to remove the Motronic fuse from the fuse box for about a minute,, or disconnect the battery for about a minute before the re-set..


SO, first remove the Motronic fuse for about a long minute (5th fuse in from the SHIFTER side of the bike),, then re-install the fuse,, the turn the key on,, do not start the bike,, then FULLY open & close the throttle twice (make darn sure the choke is OFF during the re-set procedure..


If it still stalls after the re-set post back for other things to look at..





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Not the gas it only sat up 2 weeks I all try the reset first I am going to work on the starter so I will have the Tupperware off to dissconect the battery thanks I will let u know

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