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Need Brake pads


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Hello All,


I am at the 18k interval and need to replace the pads on my 07 RT. Anyone have suggestions as to where to order them? Local dealer, parts house, etc?


I am satisfied with the oem pad and am looking to replace with the same.






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Our local independent BMW specialty shop sells the EBC HH line. You can get them at the link Shawn provided. I think the OEM pads are like two to three times as much money and are available only from a BMW dealer.


I have like 20k miles on the front with the EBCs and they are doing fine. Still have my rear OEM pads. Might need to replace them at the next service interval.


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I am at the 18k interval and need to replace the pads on my 07 RT....

To clarify, are your pads actually worn or do you think they need to be replaced due to the mileage interval?

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Around 18k seems convenient. Visual inspection looks to be about 1/8-1/4 inch pad material on the rear pads (one side pad worn more than the other) and a little more than that on the front.


Seems I procrastinate a lot and want to have the pads on hand when needed.


I know aftermarket pads are much cheaper and don't mind going that way just want to be sure I don't wreck the discs.


You high-mileage guys, what do you use?


Thanks Again


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