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Looking for "Welcome to.." signs


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During my last trip around the US I was not able to get pics of "Welcome to.." state signs for Maryland, Maine, and Washington state. I'm looking for straight-on shots like this, decent resolution, no people. If you have one of these can you send me a link or email? Thanks in advance.



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Dave.... the one for Maine does not say Welcome to....




I crossed over into Maine on a back road. I'm sure the sign is much nicer on a main road.


Let me know if you need me to send them to you or if you can go to my SmugMug and grab these.

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This are perfect! I had three crossing into Washington and never found one sign other than a state line sign on a bridge.


Thanks to all you other folks as well for your links and suggestions.

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Hay thats cheating,,You well just have to go back and get them your self :rofl:


I tried out that idea on the wife, but she's not going for it!


Does Maine have the tackiest signs, or what?

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