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Nolan 102 Visor Installation Question


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Does anyone know which way the the spring loaded pins on the pivot mechanism should be oriented when installing the main visor on a Nolan 102 helmet?


The plastic pins have an L shaped end. Does the flat part face away from the helmet or toward the helmet? Both the left and right ones on my helmet were broken and Nolan sent me new pivot mechanisms free of charge, but I am unsure of the orientation of the plastic spring loaded pins. The manual is not very clear on this.


I can call Nolan tomorrow, but I thought someone may know.



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I have a 10/2006 n102 and a new visor ready to install, however I have no clue how to remove the original. I hesitate to just pull on things, so I'm waiting to see what information you receive. An online search and I wasn't able to find directions.


I looked at it with the exterior sunshade removed and I can't see what parts you are referring to. They must be under the black plastic clip that is holding the visor in place. Under that is a clear plastic piece.

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I just looked at mine to confirm my memory. Pop the two outer plastic covers, then lift the retaining ring off a locating pin and rotate: CCW for the left and CW for the right. All these bits are labeled L and R. Like removing the mirrors on an RT, the first time takes a leap of faith, but in 6 years of using Nolan flip-up helmets, I've never broken any of these plastic bits. No tools needed; fingertips provide enough leverage.

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