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GS running rough long way from home.


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Friend of mine is out west heading back to NS on a R1100GS

He sent me this after installing new plugs ( 3923's ) and a dealer visit later. He also checked the cables and pully grooves for any dirt in the pulley vee.


" Ya it was , but unfortunately it did not work (dealer cleaned the brass air screws) ... still takes 3 or 4 tries to start up in the morning. the rest of the day it works ok...

Well, dont know what else to do at this point since we are up at the crack of dawn and on the road.... if i see another bmw dealer i might pull in depending the time of day. we are running out of time , and have to get back to work 2 or 3rd of October.....

seems to me it is not firing right a bit of a backfire going up the hill between 3 and 4 thou.rpm....

tomorrow we are off to crazy horse ... today we finished Yellow stone a lot of traffic but beautiful!!"


Any nuggets of wisdom I can pass on to him ?

( I will link this thread for him to read )

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