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RID Question


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I bought this bike ('00 1100RT) used and it didn't come with a manual, but can the digital clock be changed to a 12 hour display instead of a 24 hour one? Thanks in advance, John

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03-1150R, not easily.. Supposedly the 1100 clock can be taken apart & some circuit changed inside to force a 12 hour operation.. Not so on the 1150 clock.. I haven’t ever tried it so can’t say for sure..


Do some research on changing the BMW 1100 clock to 12 hour time _ it would be real old info as I haven’t seen any postings on that for years..






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The best you can do is to set the clock 12 hours off so you have a 12 hr display from noon to midnight & 24 hour display from midnight to noon.

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Thanks for letting me know it doesn't have a way to change. I thought maybe there might be something like holding both buttons down simultaneously (tried that) would go to a 12 hour mode but I couldn't figure it out. John

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