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handling parameters versus tire pressure


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I typically run 38 psi front and 40 rear. Most of the posts I've read recommend similar, even up to 42 psi. The GSA book however recommends 32 front and 36 rear for 1 up riding. What are the resulting effects of the difference in tire pressure. I assume you will get better milage at the higher pressure due to less rolling resistance but the "patch" is smaller so does that have a netative effect in corners and/or wet roads? I run TKC 80s and I do notice the tires are more noisy at lower pressure.

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Lower pressures can lead to shortened tread life. The tires can tend to cup out if they are softer, leading to additional noise. ME880 rears do this on my bikes.


They can also lead to bent rims if you drop into a pot hole. BMW cast rims tend to be fairly soft.

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