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A Significant Refund from the IRS I Wasn't Expecting...


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...and I can't cash, because it ain't mine. But me thinks it's darn cruel to send me a 941 refund check of $66,038.42. I'm not kidding. That's exactly what I received in the mail yesterday. :grin:


These meat heads kept saying I owed them money. We kept sending copies of canceled checks and duplicate forms to said meat heads.


So finally the notices that I owed the money stopped and I figured we were done with it. Then I get this check from the IRS yesterday, including $2,641.24 in interest for the 156 days that we sorted out the paperwork (all this time they said I owed THEM money).


I'm going to sue them for mental anguish. You think (supposedly) leaving a filler cap off is cruel? Try sending someone a check like that and then saying: just kidding.


This is not the IRS' best hour.

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So the gummint is paying 9.4% interest on the money it believes it has overcharged? Yup, that's who I want running everything, and asking me to pay for it. Incredible, David. Beyond their bookkeeping incompetence, this is absolutely incredible.

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BTDT David. They had a lien on my business for two years. That's how long it took me to get them straightened out. I did absolutely NOTHING incorrectly. They had a glitch in how they recorded a receipt of my withholding payment from a depository bank.


It finally drove me to use a payroll service. I recommend Paychex, if you're in the market.



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A friend of mine had a 1099 income report for $900.00 become a $90,000.00 income report. "Dear Mr. Hall, you owe us $40,000 in back taxes and penalties." He got it sorted out eventually.

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make sure this gets worked out. if not, you will receive a 1099-int for the interest.


i deal with this all the time and one of the most difficult situations is to correct an error on their part.


suggest you contact a taxpayer advocate to work it. someone you can keep in touch with. better yet if an IRS office is nearby pay them a visit. i know it's time consuming and a PITA, but it's usually the easiest way.

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I don't see this as evidence of anything, other than that mistakes happen in any organization, whether government or commercial, large or small. Do you remember the story this summer of people who got $23,148,855,308,184,500 (that's 23 quadrillion dollars) overdraft statements after using their Visa cards?


"A temporary programming error at Visa Debit Processing Services caused some transactions to be inaccurately posted to a small number of Visa prepaid accounts," Visa spokeswoman Elvira Swanson said in a written statement. "The technical glitch has been corrected, and all erroneous postings have been removed."


Visa later elaborated that "fewer than 13,000" transactions were affected.

A few years ago, my residential gas bill quadrupled from November to December -- despite November being unseasonably cold, and December being unseasonably warm. It turned out that the meter reader had recorded a figure too low on the November reading, which resulted in a much higher reading in December. I was steamed because the rate per therm had doubled between November and December. In 6 months of correspondence, no amount of arguing or citing of weather records would get the gas company to acknowledge their error. Note that Georgia deregulated gas pricing in 1998, which has been a complete ripoff for consumers.

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.......i sEE a new Ducwaddi in your future, a very expensive Ducwaddi...oh, wait a sec...check that - the blinkin' checque bounced..! Scratch that whole thang....

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I don't agree. This is an government organization that assumes you made the mistake (whether true or not) and begins the interest and penalty assessment before you have a chance to respond. Legitimate companies first contact you telling you of the problem and you begin the process of working things out.


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