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Question re Bike to Bike comm system


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I just received an email from a friend who is married to another buddy of mine. They both ride and she would like to get him a comm system for his birthday so they can talk bike to bike when they ride. I have an Autocom SuperPro AVI with all the bells and whistles but that will probably be overkill for them.


So, my question is: What can I recommend as a bike to bike comm system ? Who are the big names ? They both wear full face helmets so the solution will have to be compatible.


Any input/ideas/opinions appreciated !




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If all they want is a bike to bike, the simplest is just a GMRS radio in your jacket plugged into a headset. Although, if you use it a bunch, you may get annoyed with a PTT location, the radio VOX, batteries and a bulge in your jacket. I think at that point a autocom would be the best choice. That way, you could upgrade to having music, GPS, radar det . . . .



Check out THIS link for radios info.


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Bought a middle of the line Autocom 4 years ago. No problems that were not easily fixed. We plug in a Garmin 2720 and an MP 3 player. If you want bike to bike, do not try to skimp on the radio. You will not be happy and you will wind up buying the good radio anyway.

Good luck!

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On my DS bikes, I use the simple Autocom bike-to-bike wiring harness, push-to-talk switch, and headset (called Kit 21-7-TK) for $159. It works with the Kenwood radio which is around $150. They also make one for Motorola radios. There is no need to put anything "in your pocket"; the PTT switch mounts on the left grip and the radio goes in the tank bag. The headset mounts in your helmet (of course) and all you do is plug the connector from your helmet into the plug from the tank bag and you're good to go. If B2B is all you need, this works great! No Autocom mixer box needed.


Edit: as for battery life, the Kenwood radio will operate 2 days of riding on 1 charge--and should the battery go down mid-ride, the radio will also run off 3 AA batteries. So battery life is a non-issue. If you want to move it between different bikes, an extra PTT switch is all thats needed for the 2nd bike.

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We have the Scala Rider Multiset Q2, a bluetooth system, bought at JCMotors.com. Works well for us. We just use it for bike to bike and to connect to my cell phone. We have no problem with the battery life since we don't have them attached to GPS or MP3. It is line of sight only and it takes a bit to get used to the voice activation. We used Autocom Active Rider when we were two-up, but decided it was easier to do this than getting a second Autocom and radios.

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We should have a poll on what we use. +1 AutoCom user here, their older Pro7 model IIRC. It refuses to die so I can't justify upgrade to their latest. I don't personally know any Starcom users. It has a good price-to-features but I know a half-dozen happy AutoCom users. My ex-wife's open face helmet also worked fine for intercom mode.

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Scalarider Q2 with bluetooth and external adapter for auxilary device is what we use. I have a buddy that uses one and we are synced constantly. You have just under 1/3 of a mile bike to bike. It has already paid for itself with my cell phone connection for business. I like it..

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I'll give me 2 bits. Got the new Chatterbox XBI2. Use it in combo with a Zumo 660 and and Iphone. All bluetooth bike to bike, listen to music, gps nav, phone, and no cords.


Works really well and as advertised. Seems the original XBI was a bit of a dud but this new one seems be well received. Check the review on Webbike, they gave it a good rating. Battery life seems good with in excess of 7 hours in use so far. Bike to bike the 1/2 k seems true in open terrain but in the twisties reduces, but that is no problem for me. Oh and ist full duplex so tap the intercom and you are live not ptt tap again and listen to your music or whatever. On a recent ride my wife used the aux in for her ipod (no bluetooth on it) and it worked great. I had mp3s streaming from the Zumo and she had her own tunes.


It pairs up as soon as I turn it on everytime. The only weak link is the Zumo and Garmin's software.....they seem to still be workin the kinks out but it effects the Zumo bluetooth operation. Latest update 3.1 seems to have sorted a lot of the problems out though.


Any questions just ask





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I have a set of Interphones by BlueAnt. They work okay at a bargain price but I think they are discontinued by the company. And BlueAnt customer service is by far the worst I have ever experienced.


If I was to get another set, I would get a pair of Camos BTS 300. They seem to have all the bells and whistles.

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