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U joint problem found


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Oh Boy what fun! :) My clunk, clunk, clunk problem with the power off on my R1150RT is the U joint just in front of the final drive. I opened it up and little pieces of metal fell out. Checking parts lists I believe this is considered part of the drive shaft and not available separately? Well at $830.18 I am not a happy camper. I cannot rebuild the joint it is very bad with pieces missing off both parts. I am surprized that it did not make more noise since there was a good 1/2 inch of play in it. Miracle time? Can anyone tell me a cheaper way out of this? Surely someone will sell just the parts I need? My 73 Ford pickup with 289,000 miles and grease zerks cost $70 for one u joint kit in its life??? :P Plus did I miss a maintenence item here??? 70,000+ miles

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g_frey how does the shaft & end bearing cap loops look? If those are not oblong,, distorted,, or banged up you can probably find the proper sized U-joint & re-build the shaft.. Or send it to a shaft specialist for them to put a new joint in it..


If the shaft or end bearing cap loops are torn up then it is probably the end of that shaft..


Check Flea Bay as I have seen shafts on there from time to time..




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Checked ebay found one with a bid of $75 but 55,000 miles. If I am going to do it I might as well get a lower mileage one. Thanks for all the help. In my Clymers book it mentions just replacing the u-joint so I am pursuing that angle. The parts look like production parts with no dynamic balancing marks so they should be available I hope. In any case if BMW claims dynamic balancing is needed I would remind them that except for the noise I did not notice any vibration.

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BTDT........ :( mine was closer to 80,000.



Used shafts can be found without too much trouble. I saw I couple decent ones with 30k on them for $300-$400. Since the used ones may have been 'halfway gone' at that mileage, I bought a new one. You can get a discount through Chicago BMW. I think yours was just under $700 plus the clips.

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Well I tried to find the u-joint without the drive shaft. 17 splines to 20 splines plus a "B" with a Diamond around it were not much to go on. There was also a "30/03" stamped in. After cruising various European and American web sites I ended up with nothing. BMW of course knows nothing or at least will not reply. I searched Bosch real hard with no result. It looks like it is bite the bullet time. These addictions are so expensive! I think a grease zerk would have prevented this problem.

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