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09 RT Maintenance Question


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I'm getting some mix messages and I want to get the maintenance schedule for oil changes and valve adjustment correct.


1) 6000 mile (10,000 km) service includes oil change and valve


Oil changes every 6,000 miles (10,000 km).


2) Valve adjustment every 12,000 miles (20,000 km) after the

6,000 mile (10,000 km) service.


Is this correct?


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I think that will work fine. I prefer to do my oil/filter changes every 3-4 K miles and adjust the valves and TB sync every other time. It is so simple to do and keeps it running smooth.

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Motor Oil, Filter, Valve adjustments and TBS every 6 K miles.

I also check my Airfilter every 6 K and shake out all the sand and bugs.

Transmisson Oil, Rear Drive oil and Airfilter every 12K miles, with your 6 K service.

Spark Plugs (4x) and Alternator belt every 24 K miles.

Of course Brake Fluid flushes once a year.

Rear tires every 6 K, Fronts every 12 K.

Front Brake pads every 20 K or sooner, or later.

Rear brake pads, no idea 43 K and counting.


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L-Mar, your interpretation is not correct. The way BMW words their maintenance schedules can be a little confusing (BMW "Service" and BMW "Inspection"). In a nutshell, the schedules call for (among other things) each of the following every 10,000 kms:


1) oil & filter filter change;

2) valve check/adjustment; and

3) throttle body sync.


Best bet is to get a copy of the maintenance schedules for your bike/model year. Most are available online (A&S Motorcycles), though I'm not sure about MY 2009. Also, some may not be the most up to date. For example, the schedules were recently changed to reduce the time between alternator belt changes from 60,000 kms to 40,000 kms. Similarly the final drive fluid quantity for a FD fluid change was reduced from 220 ml to 180 ml.

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