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1150RT & electronic cruise control

La Chuparosa

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I recently purchased an '04 1150RT. I really like the bike. But my 2008 Concours14 has electronic cruise control. I really miss that on this RT


I've searched the forums but haven't much on installing an electronic cruise on the 1150RT. If any of you have done it please educate me. Thanks

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There are two common options for the oilheads, a ready-to-install and well regarded (but pricey) unit from Motorcycle Cruise Controls and a do-it-yourself unit from Audiovox. I have the Audiovox unit installed on my early-model 1100RT and it works well, but installation on a later 1100 or all 1150 models (that use the throttle cable junction box) is a little more complicated. As Twisty noted a search will reveal a lot of hands-on info. When you search use a '+' sign in front of the search terms and be sure to set the time range for the search out from the default one week.

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One question for those of you in the know.


The ABS speed sensor on the front or rear wheel...does anyone know what type of signal it sends and what the pulse rate is? I assume it is a simple magnetic pulse.


The reason? I prefer to use the rostra/audiovox electronic cruise and forego all the vaccuum headaches. I installed the rostra electric servo cruse on my Concours14.


Thanks for any help or info.



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There really aren't any headaches generated by using engine vacuum (other perhaps than a place to mount the vacuum storage tank), but to your point... are you sure that you need to tap the front or rear speed sensor? On manual transmission vehicles engine rpm and speed are directly correlated so all you need to do is tap the input to the coil for an rpm indication and you're done.

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Cody, I haven’t ever put a scope on the BMW wheel speed sensor but they sure look like common variable reluctance wheel speed sensors.. That would mean they output an AC signal in relation to the number of teeth on the tone wheel..


I doubt you can tie into them anyway,, if you do anything to alter the impedance it will probably confuse the ABS controller..





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I recently installed the motorcycle cruise control from the land of Oz. And while I love to make my onw stuff and save money, I was VERY VERY happy I spent the extra money and got a MC specific cruise. There are diagnostics that are extreamly helpfull and best of all you can figure out if it is working before riding :clap: or fi necessary trouble shoot an issue. One of the diagnostic modes can be bennificial during a TB ballance. I do not regret my purchase one bit. Even happy I pulled the trigger when I did as the exchange rate has added $150 US to the price :eek:



The instructions are awesome.

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