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Worried about 1150 noises


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Well unusual noises from my 2004 R1150RT. Rattling noises under deceleration some pretty loud and long 3 seconds. Sometimes rythmic fading and returning. Declutching doesn't make them go away. But worse to me is the clunk, clunk, clunk noise when moving the bike with the motor off. Seems to be from the back of the bike with one clunk for every wheel rotation. I am starting to take the bike apart but with the limited information given, any tips on where to look appreciated. Thanks

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Final Drive to start with. Any play on the rear wheel at 12 and 6 o'clock or 3 and 9 o'clock?


Once you get the FD removed, you should be able to rotate the driveshaft and not hear any unusual noises.


Mileage? Maintenance History?



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2004 RT 70,000+ miles. Maintenence anal I change fluids at 60-70% the recommended interval usually and do other routine maintenence before required too. 12 and 6 motion and 3 and 9 about .03" which matches what it has been in the past. It has been so reliable, but now I am afraid to ride it. I was doing 70 on it yesterday and lucked out. The noise is one of those noises that always cost lots of money and time.

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How are you mechanically? Pulling the FD is pretty easy. Taking it apart, also pretty easy. Putting it back together, not so easy unless you have the tools.

And don't forget to check the drive shaft before you send the FD off. One of the universal joints could be going/gone.

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When my FD failed, the first thing I knew was when the bolts holding the brake disc to the wheel started contacting the brake caliper bracket. This would be a good place to check. One of those could be hitting, which would fit your description perfectly. Good Luck.

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