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Front Brake Master Cylinder Leak

Great White North

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Great White North

Good Day all, the front brake master cylinder on my '96 RT has sprung a leak... drip, drip, drip onto the fairing, and unnoticed for a few days. The paint damage seems permanent, the paint looks swollen where the oil ran down the side of the fairing.. nice 3-D paint job now... :mad:


Can the seals 'only' be changed on the master cylinder piston, or does the whole piston/seals unit need to be changed together ? I have found overhaul kits (piston, seals, dust boot), but not just the seals.


Anyone know a good on-line source for overhaul kits, or just seals ? (no dealer nearby).


As always, thanks for your help and advice.





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Look at Beemer Boneyard for the replacement/rebuild kits. They may have what you are looking for


My 97 RT also began 'seeping' fluid from the master cylinder while out on a trip. Didn't notice the leak until it had dribbled down the fairing, killing the clear coat.


Anyone have a likely place to look first?

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This is a rather common problem on the 1100 bikes. Dried brake fluid collects at the rear of the master cylinder bore and forms a deposit that interferes with the seal. A rebuild kit plus a thorough cleaning of the bore will get you back in shape. Going forward it's a good idea to remove the rubber boot and clean the rear of the bore every year or two... this will prevent the brake fluid from drying and building up, and thus prevent a recurrence.

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Just bought a 96 that turned out to have had a seepage from the MC for quite a while.


Decided it was best to replace the entire unit. Last one I had rebuilt failed catastrophically within a month.


I replaced this one with a new from Beemerboneyard.com. Cost was $242 delivered.



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