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ZTechnik Engine Guards - installation


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I hope/don't think I am being redundant with this question as I searched for previous posts on this.


Has anyone installed the ZTechnik engine guards on their R1200RT? I just received a set for my 2006 R1200RT but was wondering whether the instructions are oversimplified. I called ZTechnik and they said it was pretty straightforward - just backing out each screw or engine mount bolt one at a time and installing the guards with the screws/bolts supplied. Are there torque specs for the engine mount bolts? Any special things to do or watch for? Thanks!!

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OK - I happened to visit my local BMW dealer yesterday and it turns out they have installed the ZTechnik engine guards on someone else's R1200RT. It should be fairly straightforward, except on the bike they installed, one side didn't quite clear the oxygen sensor and they had to grind a small amount off the guard to make it fit. They said I may or may not have that same issue. SO, I will let you all know how it goes as I install it myself sometime next week.

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Well, I installed the engine guards today and it went well, just a little tedious reaching the top bolt on the left. The left side cleared the oxygen sensor by a mile, but the right side was slap tight against it. Thankfully I was able to install the bolt without any grinding of the guard or doing anything else to make it fit. It will likely be hit or miss from bike to bike I guess.

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I also just fitted a set to my R1200r and had the same problem. I've emailed Ztechnik about having the grind the fitting, but unlike when I was buying, I've not received a reply yet.



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It installs easily as advertised, but I deviated from their instructions in installing the middle bolt (that attaches to the cylinder head) LAST. I put three mounting bolts per side on VERY loosely, and in doing so was able to wiggle the guard on the right side (which is very close to the 02 sensor on the stock header) to achieve good clearance. Once I did, I tightened up. They look great!




I wrote a quick how-to for MCN - not sure when they will publish it.



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I installed these on my 2009 RT a couple of week ago and although this is relatively straightforward, the instructions are not completely accurate. I found that rather than just loosening the screws on the plastic, I had to take two of them out altogether and loosen a third in order to fit the guards. Once I did that the right side was pretty easy, the left side with the tricky top screw was a bit of a pain. After a little finagling it went on all right though. I agree, I like the way they look and that they seem really solid.

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