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Interesting Food Combinations.


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So my girlfriend's 11 year old daughter loves to take Peanut Butter and Pickle (dill) sandwiches to school. It is actually rather tasty and something I had never thought of trying. Made me think that there has to be other things out there that some of you all eat, that on the surface sound odd but taste pretty good.



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Hmm...not sure I would ever put a pickle directly on a peanut butter sandwich (especially since I like to heat up my peanut butter sammiches), but I do like to eat pickles as side dishes to peanut butter sandwiches, as you get crunch and a salty taste without all the calories of chips as a side dish.


I can mix corn (or cream corn) into just about anything...mac & cheese, mash potatoes, etc.


I also like maple syrup on ham, but people have told me that isn't too strange (I mean, there's honeybaked hams, right? Maple syrup isn't that much different).


I also like a shot of whip cream on cereal. Less calories than sugar, and adds a bit of sweet.

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Yeeha! Stephen

I can mix corn (or cream corn) into just about anything...mac & cheese, mash potatoes, etc.




Have I got a dish for you then!


Miss Vicki makes this at her little school (she's a Day Care/Pre-School Director) and showed me how to make it. We take it to parties and work for cover dish days.


5 Ingredients


1 can of Nibblets type corn - drained

1 can of Cream Style corn - not drained

1 stick Butter/Oleo/Margarine - softened

1 small tub of Sour Cream

1 small box of Corn Muffin Mix - we us the "Jiffy" brand in the blue box - Do NOT add the egg and milk from the box directions!


In a mixing bowl, combine all ingredients, just until well mixed... don't over work. Spoon into a well greased 9x9, or similar sized baking dish. (We have a glass 8x8 that works well, but requires more baking time)

Bake @ 400 for 30-40 minutes until golden and center is firm. (A toothpick inserted in the center will NOT come out clean but it won't be Batter type wet either)

Remove from oven and let stand for 10 minutes. Scoop out with a serving spoon like a Caserole. It's not runny, but won't cut into squares like cornbread.

It's got a sweet taste to it from the cream corn and muffin mix, so I guess that's why the kids (and the kids in us) love it!







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My son spent time in Germany this summer and this was his favorite of the host familiy recipes...


Homemade noodles (spiral!)

covered with applesauce

covered with bread crumbs sauteed in butter.


It takes something like a cinnamon crisp...


Thanks Oma Kramer!!!

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Peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches with lettuce and lettuce on pb&j (Me)


Catsup and peanut butter on hotdogs (Jamie)


we grew up on bacon and peanut butter sammies. throw on Les's fav and we pretty much have a pb(no J)blt. gonna try it@!

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I have always like the funky flavor of eating Hot Tamales candy with Squirt soda. Its kinda on the order of drinking OJ after brushing your teeth but only tastes better.

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we grew up on bacon and peanut butter sammies. throw on Les's fav and we pretty much have a pb(no J)blt. gonna try it@!


good stuff. Mom brought home PB and Bacon in a jar (Skippy I think) once when I was a kid...have never seen it in the stores since.

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Buttered toast with M&M's on it.


Bagels with cream cheese and Vegemite.


Prosciutto and tomato slices in a folded tortilla


Mashed potatoes and Rice-a-Roni mixed together


Cheeseless pizza (my homemade sauce, plus some kosher salt, plus olive oil and toasted oregano on an open Pita bread, then baked)


Cottage cheese with raspberry chipotle sauce


Tomato and boiled egg salad, tossed with mayo and just a splash of vinegar


Diced ham and spinach mixed into gnocchi a la semolina


Toaster waffles with PB and a very light sprinkling of brown sugar


OK, so some might be considered meal dishes rather than snacks, but I've never found them anywhere outside of my kitchen (or in a few cases, my Mom's kitchen)

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I eat peanut butter and mustard sandwiches all the time (regular yellow ball park mustard).


Oh and I looked in the mirror this morning and I may indeed be pregnant. :rofl:

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Chocolate milk shake and french fries. Just dip the fry in the shake....mmmm!


Yummy! I love fries with a chocolate shake (or, even better, a malted).


Green olive and pineapple pizza-it sounds vile but is acutally tasty-and is one of my favorites.

Peanut butter and sharp cheddar cheese sandwiches.

Potato chips on almost any sandwich.

Mashed potatoes with lots of horseradish and sharp cheese (great way to use leftovers as a meal).



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Sliced raw habanero peppers and chocolate covered cherries.





I do something similar but use sweetened condensed milk instead of ole, and substitute hominy fr niblets.

For variety mix in or top w/bleu cheese.

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You know I live in Louisiana were you don't usually ask what's in the gumbo! I'm going to have to say I agree with you visit only those who have a nice restaurant near by!!

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