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Hinkle Engineering Seat!


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On my '04 RT I have had the stock seat, modified stock seat, and every seat cushion/butt massager known. I then bought a used Corbin and while better it was too hard for me. I tried a friends Corbin for a few rides just to make sure and they were about the same. I do have a tailbone injury that makes that area the limit to my comfort. I sent off the stock seat to Cee Bailey. Big improvement although I think the shape could have been better. It is actually excellent for rides up to about 2 hours. Next I bought a used Russell Day long. I put MANY thousands of miles on it. Unfortunately it was covered in grey leather and looked like...So I thought I would send it in and have it custom made for me! When I got it back It was noticeably more firm than before. Thought that maybe it needed a break in. I learned later that they are using different foam than they were before. I took the seat cover off and done a little reshaping which helped. It was never as good as the original.I recently bought a seat pan from a member here to modify. I wanted something much longer from front to back with an angle more like a car seat ( rear lower than front). I cut the back off the seat pan, added steel plates to the side to support the foam and support the area in the rear of the pan. I bought High Density foam and went to work. I built it and then took rides on it to see what it needed. I went with cloth because it is softer. This is not for everyone, looks were not my priority and it is too tall for most also. But I can ride in comfort again!




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There's a really good article in MCN this month all about DIY seats. Worthwhile read for those so inclined to tackle their own seat farklization.

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Hey, if it works, it works. That's a pretty good lookin' home upholstery job.


I hate to say it, but you could've saved yourself all that time and money by going to Rich's in the first place.




If I can do it I am sure Rich's could have...but it would have had to be a ride-in job. And there is no way I could have saved money, the time to engineer what I done to the base plate, fabricate the steel reinforcements and attach them would have run the cost of the seat into the thousand (s?). Not to mention that I made 3 major redo's to the foam before adding the cover. Most aftermarket seat makers would have refused the job. Not wanting to cut up a base plate or re-engineer it.

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