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Heideneau Tires


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My search did not yield anything specifically about this brand of tire, sorry if I missed it and if this is a redundant post. Saw a bike at Sipapu, believe it was a GS with this brand of tire. Never did get to talk to the rider but I am curious if anyone here has any experience with the brand. Some of the bike size tires look good. TIA



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The Hidenau K60 is to be the next tire I mount to my F800GS.


Here's a good info thread for you. Be advised, it IS AdvRider so know that it most likely isn't, shall we say, always gonna be "work friendly" but the information is good.




Cycle Specialties in Modesto, CA is a dealer.

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Thanks. (By the way, your Abraham Lincoln must surely not apply to our current bunch of buffoons in DC, but I digress)


ADVRider I had not yet checked.

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