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How to access/remove battery on R1200RT


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This may be a dumb question, and it almost certainly has been answered, but after 10 minutes of searching, I couldn't find it. I am a complete ZERO when it comes to wrenchin' my bike. It is an '05 R1200RT, and if it was with me, I'd look at it and try to figure it out. But it's not, and I need to know how to remove the battery. Is it simple? My old '02 1150 RT was a bear, because the body panels had to be removed. I want to store the bike for the winter, and there is no power, so the idea is to remove the battery and keep it on a tender elsewhere. I just need to know if it is a simple operation. Pics would be really helpful! Thanks!!!

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The battery is easily accessible underneath the seat and it can be easily removed with some basic hand tools. You remove the seat with the key by turning it in the lock at the back of the bike and lifting up on the seat. You don't need to remove any tupperware.


Sorry, no pictures.



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Wanted to mention to Ballerman that it is not that far over here to SLC and when we do the next Tech Daze you ought to think about attending. Lots of fun and lots of learning and confidence building.


Or Jan and I could ride over and how you a few things...


Where in Colorado? Not all that far from Michigan either....

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Thanks, Hop. I'm in southeastern Michigan (a bit north of Detroit) and near Vail, Colo. I could use a Tech Daze, if only to learn how to change the oil and maybe fix a flat.

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Just be cautious if you have heated seats. The seats are connected to the bike via a wire and you don't want to just jerk the seat off. The wire's connection easily disconnects and re-connects.

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Since you are a novice, a tip on disconnecting any battery. Always remove the ground connection first and connect it last when reinstalling it. If you remove the positive while the ground (negative) is attached all the metal around the battery is a potential short. If you are using a wrench to remove the positive connection and accidential touch any of the surrounding metal, you will have a direct short (lots of sparks, heat and potential for fire). By disconnecting the ground first, the only short potential is the negative post on the battery.


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