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Hex or Torx


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I have just about completed the first major service I have done on a 2004 R1150RTP.


I can easily remove the transmission drain plug but the filler plug is not quite as easy. The hex key I am using (metric) which worked for the drain plug doesn't quite feel right in the filler plug and i think it will strip the internal of the head if I apply too much pressure.


Does any know if it is a hex or torx head?

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First if it feels like it is going to strip stop right there because it will


Nice thing about metric is sometimes use a inch hex makes a tighter fit.


And sometimes you can hammer in a torx


if you have a heat gun heat it up and then cool it with ICE, immediately try to take out.


In the future, always remove the fill plug before the drain.


If you get it out, replace but not very tight, and buy a new one ASAP


Good Luck




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Thanks to all for their advice. Luckily I didn't remove the drain plug, just managed to undo it slightly so didn't end up with transmission fluid everywhere and no easy way to fill it.

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