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I need some plumbing help


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I have a toilet that keeps leaking between the wax seal. The house is 10 years old, and we have had problems with it for the past 7. It will just start leaking every 3-6 months. It ruined the sub floor, so I replaced it (also hoping that maybe it was warped and causing the problem) and a few months later it leaked again. So then I thought we had a hairline crack in the toilet, and that was causing the leak, so I replaced it. A few months later it leaked. At this point I called a plumber, and he fixed it at a professional price. A few months later it leaked. Then I called a talk show, and they said use 2 wax seals stacked together, and that worked for about 6 mo., then it leaked again. This is my last time that I work on it. If it leaks again, there will no longer be a toilet there. I am sick of it. It is in a Jack and Jill bathroom, so my son's bathroom and the spare will be without a toilet if I don't get it fixed this time. Please anyone, what is wrong with this thing? thanks

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How sure are you that the leak is at the wax seal? Could it be a seapage somewhere else that migrates and puddles around the seal? There really shouldn't be any standing water at the seal and no pressure either. I'd take a really good look at the seating of the water closet to the commode and maybe the input line. Take some sheets of toilet paper and touch around the toilet and see if you can trace out where the dampness starts.


P.S. I've never fixed a plumbing problem in less than two trips to Home Depot.



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If you have put that much time and effort into it already and it is STILL leaking, I would toss it and replace it with a new toilet...


I had one that was leaking with plastic tubing and the plumber took a look at it and replaced the innards and exterior piping with metal... Of course, that one pipe has to be extremely flexible, but using all metal seemed to be what the doctor ordered... I no longer have any problems with either toilet in my house...


I should warn you that those little automatic bowl cleaners are a no-no according to the plumber... he said it will eat all your seals and rubber joints...


I know this isn't what you wanted to hear, but after putting that much effort into it and getting a plumber out to repair it... unless you though he was incompetent, I would replace the thing...


If you feel that the plumber was incompetent, then call around various businesses and ask who they use as a plumber or who they recommend and why... then call the recommended plumber out to look at the problem to provide an estimate of what he thinks the problem is and how much it will cost to fix... or... how much it will cost to replace... and if he replaces it, what kind of warranty will he put on the new toilet...


Best of luck on it...


Regards -


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What's the gap between the floor & the toilet drain connection?


If it's excessive find some good tips here.


Also make sure that the toilet is solid to the floor. Install shims if it rocks at all.

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It's probably a slow leak from the stop (shutoff) if you *still* have a leak despite replacing the toilet. It could be condensation - if you have cold water, every time you flush and refill the tank it'll 'sweat.'

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Is the flange installed properly and securely to floor? Is the stop and supply installed correctly and leak tight? Is the bottom of the tank leaking where it connects to the bowl? Is anybody getting out of the tub/shower and letting the water puddle adjacent to the bowl? I'm betting the flange is too low or it isn't even the toilet at all.

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If the floor is not stiff enough, it will move and work the wax seal. Conversely, if the piping is moving, the same thing will happen.

Make sure the pipe stack is well braced, and the floor is not flexing. Otherwise, I got nothin'.

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Thanks for all of your posts. I am sure that it is around the wax seal, I put food coloring in the tank to find where the leak was, and it made it between the wax seal and the toilet, onto the linoleum and out. We did replace the toilet. I replaced the flange a couple years ago, when I replaced the subfloor, then the plumber replaced it also when he came. The floor appears solid, and the toilet is solid to the floor. My initial thought was my son was just a bad shot (used to chew his butt for missing). Come to find out he was a better shot than I thought.

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I replaced the flange a couple years ago, when I replaced the subfloor, then the plumber replaced it also when he came.


OK, is the bottom of the flange flush with the floor?


If so, it may be time to test the pipe/joints.

Insert an inflatable test ball (also pick up an extension hose) to block off the water. Then carefully fill water up to the flange & look for seepage.

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