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Maintenance CD for the 2009 RT?


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Yes. I have a new RT I purchased in July.


The latest maintenance CD from BMW is dated 2/09. I have it. It has the latest FD maintance procedure and the newest style ABS brake sytem.


All the U.S. dealers sell them down here. About $118 bucks U.S. Not sure on the prices up there.


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Check the CD outer box will say 3rd Edition.


When you open it up it will be stamped 02/2009.


Make sure you get this one. Your bike and mine has changes in it.

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Hmmmmm, I am looking at the disk right now.


It says:


Repair Manuals BMW Motorrad R Models K2x Street

3rd edition



@2009 BMW Motorrad


I picked it up from the dealer when I bought the bike.


Got it from Hermy's down here in PA.......

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It has to be the new one.


It has the detailed pictures of my new style FD with the drain on the bottom and the fill hole seperate from the speed sensor on the top.


Also lets me select either the older ABS system or the new style ABS brake system.....

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OK I have the disk in there now and after the first two BMW opener pages I have:


Top left on the blue windows banner the BMW logo then along the top Repair Manuals R1200R (3rd edition 02/2009)


Right below that along the top are the rectangular push bottons


Settings Search Repair Instructions Preface ?


Below that is a windows list select box for the type of bike


7 different versions of the R1200's


Along the right side below the picture of a R1200R are boxes for


Inspection Instructions

Repair Manual


Technical data

Tight Torques

Service data

Special Tools


Hmmmmmmm, is this anything like what you have????


The "Inspection Instructions" is the part I been using for valve adjust, TB sync, FD gear oil changes. It lists the "run-in (breaking 600 mile), 6K maintanance, 12K maintanance. It provides details on how to remove everything and adjustment points and pictures.


The "Repair Manual" is the part that shows the steps to do things like tear down the engine, replace clutch, repair tranny, etc.


Only thing not included is details on the electrical wiring.


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Hey Twisty and L-Mar,


I should have done what you did with a screen shot. Mine looks exactly the same as yours except that at the top where your red arrow is pointing it is 3rd edition and 02/2009.


Maybe the Germans count backwards on the edition stuff???




Open the CD box and look at the top of the CD. Make sure it has 02/2009 stamped on the top.


Also check the top of the CD for "BMW Motorrad R Models K2x Street"


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