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Auxillary fuse Panels


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I am considering adding a Centech Auxiliary fuse panel to my 09 RT. It seems most everyone adds one sooner or later.


I'm looking at wiring my radar detector, XM radio and hopefully some additional lights. For my electric vest I will most likely still us my accessory plugs.


Is the Centech the best panel to use? How does it mount under the seat?

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L-Mar, I guess it depends on how many things you want to add & how much you value your under seat storage area..


Personally I use every bit of my under seat storage for stuff I normally take along (allows me to ride with just a tank bag most of time)..


So I just use SEALED fuse holders for my accessories right at the battery.. But all my add on accessories are battery powered not ign controlled..





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My fuse block dose not take up any room that could be used for storage,,I made a aluminum plate that bolts on to where the shock adjuster would be if I did not have ESA,,Then I bolted my fuse block to the plate,,Works well,,,no drilling into fender,,,Maybe it's just me ,But I hate having a ton of wires hanging off the batt,,,


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