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Speed O Bulb

David R

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Mine is out. I don't have a clue how to change it or what bulb.


Can ya help?


David :)


Edit: 2000 R1100RT ... Sorry, I forgot the important stuff. I read the on line manual, but found nothing.

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The bulb p/n is 62142306127.


As near as I can recall:


1) Remove the dash panel,

2) Remove the 4 bolts that hold the instrument cluster (careful- don't lose the rubber bushings!).

3) Pull the cluster out a bit and unscrew the speedo drive.

4) Clip the wire ties that hold the wiring harnesses until you can get to the back of the instrument cluster.

5) Loosen the nuts that hold the speedo- once mine were backed off a bit I tapped them to get the speedo to start coming out of the cluster. You also need to remove the tripmeter reset assembly.

6) Once you pull the speedo out of the cluster you can pop the bulb holders out of the speedo and replace the bulbs.


I had to change one of my tach bulbs, and did the speedo while I was there. What a PITA… maybe a good candidate for an LED upgrade!


Hope this helps,



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