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Satellite radio


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Thinking about adding a satellite radio to a non radioed R12RT. Who has done this? What items did you use? Are you satisfied with the results?


I spoke to Sierra Electronics in Ohio, the gentleman there tells me he has never mounted just a Sat radio to a BMW. When he's tried mounting along with an J&M or other package he gets a noise "problem". So is there a decent product available to go just satellite?



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moto, I have xm on my RT, I purchased a garmin 2730 with the GXM puck and have had no problems. I do not have the BMW radio setup on my RT and wanted music so the inclusion of the xm into the GPS worked best for me.



edited because I can't spell...

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+1, except I have the Garmin Zumo 550. Works great. I might suggest that you get in-ear speakers that block external noise. I use the Etymotic ER-6i. Like driving in a Lexus.

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Autocom + XM satellite radio was what I ran for a while.

Now have XM routed through "real" radio with weather band (via aux plug) to Autocom.

In both cases, the Autocom mixed radio input, GPS, FRS two-way radio, Rider/Passenger com, and cell phone hookup.


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Old school here. No bells or whistles.


XM and Az Al's earplugs. That's it.


No bike to bike, garmin, weather reports, radar, cell phone, etc.


I have all that stuff at work, don't need it when I'm riding. :wave:


Sorry I couldn't help you....



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I have a sirrius stratus unit that I use on my bike. The cradle of dock for the unit is mounted to my migsel with a RAM mount. The receiver unit plugs into the dock. this allows me to remove the receiver from the bike and/or use it on anotehr vehicle with an additional dock.


The antennae is taped with double sided tape to the brake reservoir on the right handlebar


Power and sound wires from the dock go to fusebox and auto com respectively.


On occasion I simply plug my earphone into the dock and bypass the autocom


works great for me.

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I have the XM2go portable unit. I just use velcro to stick it to the top of the tank bag. It has a built in antennae that works ok if you're on the open road. It records and stores programming too, so if you're in the mountains or trees you can listen to recorded programming. I've tried the in ear speakers but don't like the isolation you get. So, I just bought some cheap helmet speakers from helmetaudio.com and I think it's the perfect set-up. It's not exactly hi-fi, but I like that you can still hear some of the surrounding noises. Plenty of volume to drown out 75 mph on the highway.



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I've got an inexpensive Skyfi 2, which rebroadcasts on FM.

I then use a lightweight helmet mounted Scala Rider Q2, also inexpensive, to pick up the FM. The Q2 also connects to my cell phone through Bluetooth and to another bike the same way.

The Xm unit is mounted with a reservoir Ram mount.

Simple and effective, so naturally I've got to tamper with what works. I've got a Zumo 550 coming to add the GPS.

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