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Tech Day?


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Does anybody know of a Tech Day coming up soon near Woonsocket, RI? Also, I am wondering if there is anybody that lives anywhere near me that has a R1200 and can show me a few things about maintaining my bike? If anybody knows of someone else who has a R1200, please let me know. Thanks Guys.

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Okay, first, techdaze scheduling is usually done in Ride and Event Planning. Second, you have two of these posts, and third you had already asked the question in your help with RT thread. We would like to help you, but you make it hard when things get all spread around like this. Let me suggest that you click the "Notify" button at the right hand bottom corner of your post and ask a mod to move one post to R&E Planning, and Delete the other.


Next, look around some. At the top left, under Home, About, Events, you will see a link to BMWSportTouring.com Calendar. Check it out. You will see a TechDaze in MI. That is the closest to you scheduled this year.


Finally, it might be a good idea to say hello and introduce yourself in Motorcycle Talk. Tell us a bit about yourself and your interest in riding. Nothing like giving a little back to get things going. Post a picture of you and your bike if you can!


Welcome on board the board!

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