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Mini Tank Bag from MV Verholen

Bill Bass

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I've ordered from Pirate's Lair several times and had no problems at all. The same bag, by the way, is regularly on ebay for $80. I asked the seller if it was the same bag sold by Pirate's Lair for $40, and I got a message back suggesting I get one from Pirate's Lair!

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Interesting. Seems like the mount could be adapted to other reasonably small bags as well. Their ad says they recommend it as a good place to cary your Glock. Cool

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anyone here have one of these? if so, what do you think of it


anybody done business with these "pirates" - just wondering if they are are reputable




Jerry "Pirate" is 100% a good guy. Never a problem ordering from him - never. check www.i-bmw.com for a million more accolades. He hangs out there a lot. He is also a great and witty writer. Just check his ads or his newsletter.

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