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Aftermarket Break Pads


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Has anyone used aftermarket break pads on there bikes? I have a 2004 r1150rt. The dealers want $100.00 per set for BMW pads, and you need 2 sets for the front. Beemer Boneyard has some for around $65 for a set of 4. Does anyone have any experience with other brands of pads.




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The Carbone Lorraine pads from Beemer Boneyard are just fine. Maybe a touch noisier, and produce less dust than OEM, but no difference in braking performance that I can detect. Front pads were a perfect drop-in fit on my R1100RT; I haven't needed to do the rear pads yet.

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I changed out all pads on my 03RT perhaps 1.5-2 years & 30k ago.


I now see that the rear rotor is worn.

When I replace the rotor I will look for the softest pads available (for the rear only) as I'm sure the HH aftermarket ones I put on ate up the rotor prematurely.

The 1150 has fully linked brakes & perhaps have to much rear bias?

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Who sells the EBC's?


I can't figure out why almost everytime I need to order a part, there is some kind of a curveball thrown in to make things difficult.


I have a R1100RT ABS, and the closest this site lists for rear pads is the R1150RT ABS. Anyone know if this is the same brake pad?

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I have a R1100RT ABS, and the closest this site lists for rear pads is the R1150RT ABS. Anyone know if this is the same brake pad?


Boone60, I can’t say for certain but I went the other way & used the early 1100RT rear pads on my 1150RT as the 1100 pads were organic & less aggressive than the later 1150 semi metallic pads were..

Took some of the grabbiness (sp) out of the rear brakes on my 1150RT.. My guess would be the 1150RT pads will fit but will be a little too (more anyhow) aggressive on the 1100RT.. The rear on the 1100 would ABS release pretty easily when stopping hard on a rough road or with tar strips.. The more aggressive 1150 pads might make that even worse.. (at least that possibility exists)..




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For what it is worth, a salesman at Iron Pony priced me regular or "sintered" pads. He says the sintered are softer and stop better but wear out faster.


I took a wild gamble on some $10- rear pads that are regularly listed on Ebay as a "buy it now". The pads start out a little thinner than stock but after 15000 miles they seem to be OK.



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The EBC's for my 1100 stop very well, however they do squeak. They also don't come with the "anti-rattle" clips like the stockers and make a little noise when coming to a stop. I guess when you buy two new sets in the package on flea bay for $30.00, one can't complain. (the guy sold his bike and had 2 new sets).

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