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BMW advanced charger


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I have a BMW advanced charger and periodically put it on the bikes.

Question is : Can I leave it on one of the bikes for months like a battery tender ?

(both bikes are non-Canbus)

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I have a battery tender jr which I used on my K1200RS and my Goldwing. Can I hook it to my battery and use it on my 09 RT?


Absolutely no issue whatsoever! Plug in, walk away, enjoy.





Just remember to either bypass your stock accessory socket so it is direct to battery to bypass the controlled portion of the circuit or go direct to battery with it.

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slight hijack...I put my Deltrans Battery Tender Plus on a deep cycle boat battery recently. I let it sit over night. The red light never went off and the charger was hot as H E double hockey sticks.


I unplugged it, put it on my bike and it functions fine. I used a much heavier (20 amp) charger on the boat battery and all is well



So the question...are these chargers too light duty to charge something that heavy? I realize 1.2 volts out would take a long time to charge 105 Amp battery, but was curious if it could be used as a maintainer without burning up the charger.



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too old to care

I have one on my battery back up sump pump and it works fine. Keeps two group 27 batteries (70ah)topped off just fine. But to charge a battery that size takes days. Think of this way, two 70 ah batteries (140 ah) divided by 1-1/2 amps would take, duh, a long time.

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