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Hard wiring your SPOT to bike power?


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Has anyone wired a Spot locator to bike power? I'm currently carry mine in a jacket pocket, but am considering moving it to the bike and leaving it in tracking mode all the time. The batteries are a hassle though, I'm wondering about a simple circuit with a 3v regulator and protection diode would work to power the thing all the time.

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First of all, tracking mode automatically turns off after 24 hours. It has to be turned on each day.


The set of batteries I put in just before the Pied Piper / Unrally ride are still working fine. 8K miles later.

This to me is minimal inconvenience.


If Spot is bike powered and you are involved in an accident it is more likely that the Spot unit will be non-functional when needed.

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I agree with Michael. The large variable that I hear with the SPOT is the type of battery used.


If alkaline batteries are used, the life is VERY short. If the recommended lithium batteries are used, I get 1,000's of miles of use with excellent function.


I always carry an extra set with me but have never had an issue, except the time I tried alkaline batteries. Won't do that again!!!!

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