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R1100S questions


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I've put less than 100 miles on the bike and have some questions being new to R bikes.


The bike seems to be very smooth at 4K RPM in any gear, any speed. 5K and above the buzzy vibration starts.

Could this be tuned out with a good valve adjust? Or is 4K just the place to live?

Or am I just so used to the K?



Where have people installed an Autocom on this bike. Under the seat looks like not much room. I have yet to take the tupperware off, but the choices look limited.



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Traded my RT for the S. Can't say enough good about the S. It loves to be in the 5-6K range. A bit more vibration, compared to the RT, but this is common. Absolutely no spare room on this bike. I have the tank bag and keep my Starcom in there connected to the Zumo. Only downside for the S is the seat (purchased a Sargent), no center stand (purchased the ABBA stand) and the size of the tank…approx 170 miles or so per tank, but otherwise love this bike.

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The R bike will always have more vibes than a K bike.......BUT, a good valve adjust and throttle body sync should clear up any buzzy vibrations you are feeling.


4k is a nice place to live, but its much more fun at 6k+

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Yes, the Pelican Parts board is a good source of info for your S.

Just beware of the blabbermouths over there, who post to every topic whether they know anything or not.

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I've been riding an '04 S for a couple of years now. (Same color scheme as yours incidentally.) There is a bit of a buzz on mine in the upper 4Ks, but it goes away around 55K and up and I personally like the higher revs. A good valve adjust and TB sync makes it barely noticeable on my bike.


You are correct that there is very little room on the bike for mounting an Autocom. I run mine in my tankbag along with my FRS. I've heard of people mounting it in a weatherproof box up behind the headlight assembly near where the fuses are mounted, but I've not actually seen this in person.



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good thing your vibration goes away. Mine does not. It is in the shop and they said that the left and right piston/rods are out of balance. Too much weight on one side vs. the other. Part of it was carbon build up, but after they removed the carbon, still was too much out of balance. 2004 R1100s with only 9,000 miles.


Vibration really started at 4,000 RPM and gets worse. Every gear.

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I'm planning to do the 12K this weekend, so at that time I'll look around for an Autocom spot.

I was thinking no matter were it goes, it's going to need some enviromental protection.


I've commuted to work for the last week, and I gotta say, I have grown to really like the R engine. My time before this was 1/2 hour or so test rides.


The important thing is that Lynn really likes the R1100S. She is even talking about selling the Harley!


Last weekend was a successful trip going to southeastern Ohio on back roads. That was Lynns longest stint in the saddle.


We're going down to Columbus to Iron Pony to look at boots, and that will be the longest highway test.

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