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Sore shoulder,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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I have been experiencing a very painful shoulder (deltoid muscle actually), and have been getting some relief from massage therapy.

It is the opinion of the RMT that I need to strengthen this muscle and that I must have bad posture on the bike. He thinks this is the root of the problem.

I do often "shrug" my shoulders when riding and only lower my arms when I realize, this has the effect of tightening up the shoulders and neck.

Comments, advice or suggestions welcome.

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A massage therapist can only take you so far. I aggravated an old shoulder injury a few years ago, and after living with pain for 6 months, it wasn't getting any better, so I went to see a sports medicine orthopedist. A single shot of cortisone and a sequence of free weight exercises eliminated 99% of the problem for me. I hadn't been using the arm fully because of the pain, so there was some muscle atrophy. These things can sneak up on you; if the pain doesn't go away or gets worse, see a specialist.

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You may need to do some shoulder strengthening movements, but more importantly be sure to do some "Core" exercises to strengthen your mid section. If your lower back, spinal erector and abdominals are stronger, you'll be able to maintain a better posture on the bike for longer periods of time. Be sure to do some stretching as well AFTER doing something to get your body temperature up.


I'm not a doctor, but I played one on TV :dopeslap:

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I don't know what kind of bike you're riding, but it sounds like you just need to relax? It shouldn't take much strength to operate a MC. (Unless you're racing at the top level?)


Good luck,

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I'm not following all that you said about your position and shoulders. Why don't you post a few pics of yourself on the bike in your normal riding position, and any others you feel are relevant.


Then you can explain each pic and what you are doing with that position. I'd like to see how you are on the bike before making any further comments.


Pics from the side (profile) please. If you need me to host them, pm for my email address and I'll throw the pics up on Smugmug.

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I was getting the same pain when I first got my RT. I just got comfortable and relaxed. No more pain. I also found keeping a good posture helps. I like to ride with my feet up on my passenger pegs on longer trips. I find it very comfortable.


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