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Brake light problem


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Both my brake lights are on all the time, as if I am stopping, and I don’t know what the problem is.


Here is my setup. The running light brake light is a normal light. In the position for the light that comes on when you press either brake I have a flashing brake light unit and blub. When the brake is depressed it flashes for 3-4 second then stays on. I also have LED lights provide the same lighting pattern of the basic lights and brake depressed light.


The situation is that the running light is on, the brake down light is on, but not flashing, while the LEDs are flashing. Everything seems to be working but the main flashing brake light unit. I did check the lights but couldn’t see any burned blubs.


Any ideas?




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Roland, do your flashing rear LED’s come on & off with both the rear brake pedal & the front hand brake lever? If so then both brake switches are probably working OK..


That pretty well leaves your rear main brake light flasher control as the problem,, OR somehow the tail light circuit is bleeding into the brake light circuit (possibly a bad rear bulb with the filaments touching inside).. Maybe try removing one rear brake light bulb then re-install it,, then try removing the other as a quick test)..


If bulbs OK..

Probably start by disconnecting the flashing set-up & seeing if it works correctly..




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Is this located at the end of the push rod on the 1100RT? The linkage is rather hidden by a medal cover

The switch is not in-line with the pushrod to the rear master cylinder. Crawl under the bike with a flashlight; the switch isn't where you would expect it to be. That said, it's not clear from your description if the brake light is stuck in the ON position. If the brakelight is always on, then this switch is a good place to start. However, if things happen when you use either the front or rear brake, then the problem is likely elsewhere.

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I am experiencing a similar problem. The brake light on my 2001 r1150RT remains illuminated at all times and wanted to establish if this is servicable or do I have to replace it before even looking at it? Are they easy to fing/get to.

I have a problem that my brake warning light flashes occasionally and I have read on the forum that beyond replacing the battery, which I have done, that a faulty brake switch may be the cause.

Can anyone advise me please?

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Torvil, was the 1150RT sold in the UK in 2001? If your bike is the 1150 with the wizzy brakes then we really need to know which brake warning light flashes,, WHEN it flashes,, WHEN it goes off,, What frequency it flashes at..


Under very limited circumstance a faulty brake switch can cause a warning light issue but it could als be many many other things..


So wee need way more light flashing info as what light or lights & how fast they flash can tell up a lot..


The most common cause of the warning light being on continuously (on the 1150 with power brakes) is a burnt out tail light bulb.. You need to actually pull the bulb & look as just being lit is meaningless as the ABS brings the brake light back on at reduced intensity in place of a burnt out tail light bulb..




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I crawled under the bike and looked at the brake switch. It clicks open when you press the brake as intended and I could not see any problems with it.


When you first turn the bike on the rear flashing light flashes then stays on, as if the brake was being held down.


Sound like the switch?



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I'm having the same problem in the middle of a road trip. The rear brake switch makes noise when the foot brake is pressed...that mean's it's working, right? But both ABS lights stay on in the dash display, and the tail light stays on all the time. So far have disconnected the battery for 30 minutes, recharged the battery, disconnected all the inline connectors for the rear brake circuit, then reconnected. This is a '96 R1100RT with 28K on the bike. Bled annually with a speedy bleeder and last visited the mechanic 1000 miles ago.





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upfisk, on the 1100 the brake light switches have NO effect on the ABS operation.. It (the ABS) only sees brake master cylinder pressure,, no brake switch input..


Difficult to tell what you have but with both the rear brake light being on & ABS lights staying on it kind of sounds like either the brake pedal or front brake lever isn’t returning properly (stuck partially on).. Make sure both stroke smoothly & FULLY return to their stops..


If you don’t find anything with the levers sticking or hanging up post back & we will talk you through an ABS re-set.. That would ONLY effect the ABS warning lights not the brake light though..






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Thanks Twisty, have called my Phnx mechanic and he tells me that the lights on the dash mean that there is no ABS. The bike feels like there is no drag on the brakes. Both brakes appear to be returning to their open position and not hanging up. On the center stand both wheels spin freely while the tail light is on and the ABS light on the dash is on. Guess I'll continue riding and not have ABS.

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