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All things being equal ....


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I'm looking at a couple of different bikes for sale and the decision is tough.


Both bikes are R100RS's, one being a 1981 and the other being a 1989. Both of them have been very well cared for and reguarly maintenanced.


All things being equal would you opt for the older or newer model?


Thanks for your input!

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The '81 has just over 65k miles for $5K. Older fellow selling & no longer riding.


The '89 has less than 40k miles for just under $3.5K. Fellow recently lost his job & selling bike, boat, jet ski, 5th wheel .....


I can have either bike rebuilt, if needed, but that's not the case. I'd rather have the better of the 2 models.

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Definitely absolutely the '89. No comparison. It has the more modern frame with the paralever (single) swing arm, a more modern engine built for unleaded gas, better electrics. If I remember well all '89 RS were white. Is it?

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80-81 brought changes to the flywheel.

My 1980 RT ran (runs) flawlesly w/over 100k on it.

The 89 has new design and is "better".

But, what do you want?

How much are you going to ride it?


Nothing wrong w/'81 but you're probably better off w/'89 as Paul stated.


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Yea, get the 89 model. I have a 81 R100RT and though I think it is better than the earlier pre 81 models ie it stops better, it is still a twin legger and the suspension and brakes on the 89 are far better. K bike forks/brakes and the monoshock rear is definetly a plus over the older model. The only detriment to the newer bike is that I think it will be down a little on HP compared to the older bike. I think the newer bike has smaller carbs. The older bike probably has 40mm Bings. The newer 38mm Bings.

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Cycle Magazine's road test of the 1977 R100RS shows a wet weight of 543 lbs. Weight remained the same until the 1988 model, which Motorcyclist lists at 505 lbs. wet. Front end was also updated on 1988+ bikes.

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