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:..I'd throw money in this cats case...:


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Very smooth! :thumbsup: I have a riding buddy that entertains us on road trips. No money thrown at him though, (rocks/bricks) no just kidding, we actually payed him by keeping his custom HD duct taped together. (not a Harley slam the bike was a real POS)

His real talent is with a guitar but, I only have him singing

at a bar in Front Royal. Not bad for cheap entertainment.:grin:







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First time I've seen a 5 string bass...


They're as popular as 4 strings lately. Six strings are getting more common as well.


This guy is very hot.

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Great bass playing. I found this kid on youtube. They should get together...



According to the BBC, he makes c. $150/hr busking. No wonder he's playing a $3000 PRS guitar.

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This guy gets my money. Literally. Victor Wooten




Solo, and playing with Bela Fleck..... :thumbsup:


I love Wooten as well, but the last two times I saw him, once with Fleck and once at the Iridium, I didn't dig it at all. Way too much sequencing for my tastes.


For somebody with his chops, I just don't see a need for all that sequencing. I think he really over did it.


Speaking of hot bass players, a couple of months ago I saw Will Lee and Weckl absolutely rock as a rhythm section while playing with Oz Noy. Didn't dig Noy at all. He's been getting big press, but he seems like a gadget freak to me. Great technique, but zero vibe with the audience.



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