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2009 R1200RT Fuse block location


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Paul In Australia

I presume you are looking for a blown component, not trying to install a fuse block for accessories?

There basically is no fuse block. The computer controls current and acts as a fuse for elements of the bike.

What is blown or not working?


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IIRC you will have to look for a Fuse Block on an '04 RT.


Since CAN (controlled area network started on '05+) no fuses.


Welcome on board and maybe update your signature and someone local can help if you are having a problem.

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wang46, the fuse protection on the BMW 1200RT is handled by the ZFE module (body computer) for most driven circuit protection.. The other minor circuits are protected by their respective control modules.. There are no replaceable or accessible fuses in the 1200RT.. (kind of like automatically re-settable circuit breakers).. In the auto industry we call this type of protection a Crow-Bar system as it acts like someone throwing a CrowBar across a live circuit breaker (blows instantly)..


If any of the circuits automatically shut down just turn the key off for a moment then re-start the motorcycle,, that should automatically re-set the circuit that tripped..


For a lot of malfunctions- a dash light will light up telling you what isn’t working (like headlight or tail light)..


The biggest issues seems to be with the accessory plugs as those don’t supply quite enough current to support full heated gear.. A lot of us 1200RT owners are wiring those accessory circuits direct to the battery using a 15 amp in line fuse at the battery..


If you want to add accessories then you can individually fuse them at their power pick up point (usually the battery),, or if a lot of accessories are to be added then maybe install something like a Cen-Tech multiple fuse accessory panel under the seat & powered directly from the battery..


Welcome to the world of modern vehicle electronics..


You will hear a lot of talk about Can-Bus this & Can-Bus that but the actual automatically protected circuits are not Can-Bus issues are they are module direct issues.. The Can-Bus is just the Controller-Area-Network.. That is just the “protocol” that the onboard computers & modules use to talk with each other not an actual system..





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