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R1150RT - Fuel cuts off, wait 4 min. and will restart


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My dealer and I have been working on this for weeks now. It's a 02 R1150RT. After riding anywhere from 10 miles on, sometimes the bike will sputter severely and at times it will cut off If she does cut off it will not fire for about 4 min and then zoom off like nothing happened. We had thought it was on the electrical side, but the Hal senser and the coil (single spark) have been replaced. Yesterday I was doing my own problem solving since it won't act up for the dealer. Once she died, I pulled the right spark plug (did it fast) and got spark, the other side was not firing. I now think there is no gas during that period. One other thing, if she sputtered I could roll on the gas and off we'd go, the spuddering stopped.


Any ideas? Screaming did not help.

Blessings to you. Chuck

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Cdup, start by verifying the fuel tank vent is working & not plugged.. Any vacuum or wooshing sound when you open the fuel tank filler cap after it stalls?


Do you have a Techlusion or other aftermarket fuel controller? If so completely disconnect that (don’t just turn it off).. I have seen a couple act like yours is if moisture gets into the fuel controller..


Try running it with the 02 sensor disconnected.. Sometimes those will cause a problem like you have..


Otherwise look for a plugging fuel filter or other fuel restriction..


Maybe verify the fuel pump fuse isn’t cracked inside it’s plastic & verify the fuel pump relay is not acting up..





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When it dies, you have 4 minutes to check things. I would rule them out one at a time.


Does it have spark?


Does the fuel pump run?


Once you find out which is bad go from there.


David :)

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Thanks David and Twisty. It has spark and no sucking sound when I open tht gas tank. I'll next check the fuel pump. vacume line and keep working down your list.

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