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2000 R1100RT Windshied Switch

Steve Kolenda

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Steve Kolenda

My 2000 R1100RT windshield switch has been acting up. Goes up with no problem but over the past couple of months the down side has worked sporadically. Anyone replaced one and if so how difficult? Thanks in advance.





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There are two relays controlling the windshield motor, one for up, one for down. They are located up in the nose - try swapping these out (or over for diagnosis)



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The last time I had the side panels off, I tried to remove the forward plastic, and was totally mystified. Does anybody have a procedure for this? I wanted to get to the instruments to replace the little wheat bulbs, but I might eventually need to replace the windshield motor relays.


Re OP: If you get in there, may as well replace both relays at the same time; labor is expensive (even your own), but parts are cheap.

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Nose cone:

remove main panels (mirrors)

remove dashboard

remove windshield

cone: big bolts under mirror mounts

I don't recall anything tricky about it.


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