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How to "pickle" my beloved bikes..?


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Ok, the process implied by the term 'pickling' is not really what I had in mind, as I've read a bit about it when applied to aircraft powerplants, but it gets the idea across.


The last year has been a really bad one for riding (in school, unemployed, with not even enough coin in my pocket to justify weekend rides, and little time anyway not already 'spoken for' by my studies). In fact, I think I barely ran two tanks worth of gas through each bike since April.


Selling them simply isn't an option for me, but I have to be honest with myself and admit that it might be a while before I'll have the $$ to ride much over the next couple of years.


I'm nearly in denial about this, as I really hate the idea of not having the bikes immediately available if the opportunity arises, but beyond leaving them on the battery tender (when at home in the garage, they're always on the tenders anyway, and are covered), what measures should I be taking to 'keep'em healthy' so they'll only need a standard service when I bring them out of hibernation?


Pull the batteries?

Armor All on all the exposed rubber?

Seafoam in the engines?


I really hate thinking about this, but I might as well at least consider the possibility.


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Leave 'em be. I'll come over and ride them every couple of weeks for you.




I'm good with that, so long as you keep up on the scheduled maint. ;)


Bring Tasker too; just tell him to be 'gentle' with my 'pretties' :thumbsup:

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