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Russ's Sierra Adventure

RT Russ

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So, I had posted that I was planning a ride and invited any that could go along. 1BMWFan Phil said he was going under the knife and couldn't make it. Troy said he had already had surgery and couldn't make it. Dick at Lake Tahoe said, "eat well". Well, he didn't so much say eat well as give a few places I might try while on the road. I chose to eat well anyway! So I set out on the RT and rode a meandering route to Calpine, Ca. I rode Salmon Falls Road out of Folsom twice on my way out. I got way out in the sticks while looking for Mosquito Ridge Road out of Forresthill. What a ride I had...had some great Mexican food.



When I finally got to Calpine, I relaxed on the deck with a cocktail and a fine cigar




the next morning I rode up toward Quincy where I found road construction going on.




It was to be an omen of days to come. I got caught behind many pilot vehicles over the next 3 days on my ride. I stopped often to take pictures




But mostly, I rode twisty roads! What a ball I had. I went North to Chester where my mother grew up. I had a nice lunch there then rode down Hwy 32 to Chico. From Chico, I went to Oroville and headed up the Feather River Canyon. Stopped at Scooter's for a quick Corona.




No noisy bikes at Scooter's that day. Just my fine RT! Loved all of the bridges on the Feather River




Saw so many beautiful lakes as well....




The mighty RT served me well. I even packed out my trash....




My GPS tells that I rode over 1100 miles over the 3 days. Only about 150 of those miles were slab. I really stayed on the 2 lane at every opportunity. I was feeling it by the end of my ride....my hips, butt and back were ready to head home.



When I slipped a couple of times on curves the last day I knew my rear tire was done. I really was fine when I left home, trust me, I checked. It didn't look so good the last day. When I came out from dinner in Sacramento on my way home, I saw cord showing through the rubber. I thought about calling for my wife to come get me. I stopped by A&S in Roseville earlier but they had just closed. I decided to ride it home s-l-o-w-l-y. I made it, thankfully but this is what the rear tire looked like when I got home!




I feel quite lucky to have made it home on that "tire". It was of course replaced immediately. I've gone to the ME880 Marathon as I'm a little frustrated with 5-6k out of a tire. Granted, the roads I was riding were pretty abrasive but that tire really did look good when I left home. I thought I had several thousand miles left on it. not so! I learned that I must keep a closer eye on my rubber when riding abrasive, snow country roads. I also learned that when you are out in the boonies and check GPS for closest fuel, it can give you a 10 mile indication that takes 52 miles to get to! The 10 miles must have been "as the Crow flies"!!!!! Luckily, I made it. What a ride I had, I can't wait to go again!

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Well you definitely got your monies worth out of that set, didn't ya!


Glad you had fun. Sorry I was otherwise, "occupied."

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I dunno, I bet if you plan some left-handers into your next trip, you could easily squeeze one more out of her. :grin:


Ps.. how do you like the 103?




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I dunno, I bet if you plan some left-handers into your next trip, you could easily squeeze one more out of her. :grin:


Ps.. how do you like the 103?





Pat, The N103 is the noisiest bucket I've ever put on my head! It also has a problem with the left cheek pad popping loose on the front snap several times a week. CIMA Int. sent me new pads but the same problem exists with the new pads. I'm not happy with it to say the least. I'm currently looking at the new Scorpion EXO 900 flip up. If that doesn't work out....I will have to shy away from the flip ups.....I just like the ability to open up to talk to people or take a drink of water, sneeze etc.



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Try the Schuberth C3... I changed from Nolan to Schuberth and am loving it !!!


Nice ride ! You couldn't make that average over here in the Alps without 'severe hooning' !

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Glad you had a good time and wish I could have joined you. First time back on the bike since the extra hardware went into the ankle was yesterday. Next time your in the area let me know, always looking for an excuse to get up in the hills.

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Sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for the report and the pics. I would love to explore the Northern Sierras some time. The farthest north I have gotten is Tahoe and the surrounding area.

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That is indeed a Laminar Lip. I mounted it with some plastic spacers to change the angle a little bit. Works better than the 3M Dual Lock fasteners.

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