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Right Side Dead


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2003 1150RT

single spark

apx 85K

daily rider, year round, mixed highway and city.

I don't have any aftermarket things on the bike except an authorities speedo,a Zenon headlight, and a Russel Daylong.


The bike has been idleing roughly for some time.

I have:

checked/set basic timing

TB sync, valve adjust

new OEM plugs

new injectors

Spark cables replaced about 6 months ago after failure of one. Replaced with the RT/P radio suppression style. ( That happened to be the coil I had on the bike, so I had to go with them)



I was going to work two days ago, and the fuel pump stopped working. Up until the fuel pump failure, the engine was running quite well, really good in fact.


The pump would run for a moment then stop. This was tested with an ohm meter and found varying resistance readings. I suspect the brushes wore out and were just making contact some of the time. I replaced the fuel pump with a new one, and the engine will now start, but only on the left side. The right side is dead. The fuel pump replacement went in without a hitch.


Checked injector electrical drive with dwell meter, all normal.

Pulled injector, checked for fuel OK

pulled plug, check for spark...OK


I took it down the road and the right side will kick in briefly during WOT, but will return to dead state when throttle returns to normal.


I am at a loss as where to go to get this cylinder working again. I guess I will check the compression to see if I have a burned or stuck valve.


I need a strategy to fix this, I need it back to commute. I would rather not take it to the dealer and throw a lot of money at it, but the dealer is an option.


Any thoughts?








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Chris, check the throttle cables for being FULLY seated in their furrels on each side TBI bracket..


The number one cause of a problem like you are seeing is a throttle cable slightly out of it’s furrel..


Or just simply re-check the TBI balance..


The fueling computer bases the fuel into the engine on the L/H side TPS (throttle position)..If the R/H side is getting more air than the computer thinks it will not run or idle on that side.. (will be a cold exhaust pipe on that side)





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The exact same symptons that happened to me. It is so easy to raise the cable on the right side out of it's socket when messing with the quick disconnects.



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Thank you both. This is a great feeling to see such an easy fix.


Lucky bastard, now instead of using the time you set aside to wrench, you can ride.

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I was going to send you almost the exact same photo :/


Thanks to this wonderful board, I was able to quickly fix the problem. Glad you found the same help useful.

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