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Tech Gurus...I need help


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I am using a program called Screen Show to develope a small how to for a web site. Thos program allows me to record sreen while I am navigating the web sight and also records voice.


Problem: I would like to record this in segments due to timing issues (not enough time in the day)and the software that I have allows me to do the recordings beautifully but will not allow me to put them togeather. I tried putting them togeather through Windows movie Maker but the quality goes way south...Is there a program that will allow me to put these togeather without quality loss...I believe the files are avi files or I can save the individual file as swf files.....Free is good but if reasonable I will pay....

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I use Vegas Video from Sony, but it is quite pricey. They do however make a version that includes most functions for quality basic editing.

Vegas Movie Studio...About 50 bucks.




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As a video editing and assembly program, Vegas Movie Studio is awesome. I would go with the Platinum version if you ever want to make DVDs because that includes AC3 audio and HD video. It has a learning curve for the complex features, but you can be editing video almost without reading the manual.

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We have the full Adobe CS Suite, but you likely don't want to go there. Big $$, long learning curve, but certianly the cat's meow in all things creative.

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For screen capture I've been using Camtasia Studio:



Free trial is fully functional for 30-days, and to purchase is $300. Longest video I've put together is ~7 minutes in 3 separate sessions/files, plus a regular video and included a separate voiceover track. Overall I'm happy with the results.

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