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changing fork oil


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It has been a long time since I posted here, many new faces and a lot of the old ones are gone.


I had a pinch bolt freeze in the left fork leg, no amount of heat, chemical or swearing would budge it so I pulled the fork leg and will have a machine shop drill it out.While it is off, I might as well change out the fork oil, since it's been in there for a few years and 65,000 miles. How much and what weight should I replace it with?


Also time to replace the rear brake rotor, any favorites?


The motorbike is a 1999 R1100RT-ABS

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Since the main purpose of the oil in a Telelever suspension is lubrication, not damping, almost anything (within reason) will do. 470 ml (8 oz) of 10-weight fork oil should do the trick. Check the seals while you're in there. I usually add ~20% ATF seal conditioner to the fork oil, whether the seals are leaking or not.

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